ESOL Instructional Videos and Tools

By August 12, 2021October 16th, 2021ESOL Instruction

ESOL Instructional Videos and Tools

ESOL Teachers, Parents, and Language Learners, This post is for you. If you’re a current ESOL Teacher, thinking of becoming an ESOL Teacher, or looking for resources to support language learners, this post is definitely for you.

What is ESOL?

ESOL means English for Speakers of Other Languages. It is a federally supported program that’s designed to give second language learners equal access to the academic curriculum and supportive language services. Within the spectrum of language learning are hosts of acronyms that you’ll hear. Here’s a snapshot: ELL means English Language Learners. ESL means English as a Second Language. In the world of education, you’ll hear both because both nestle nicely in the world of language learning. Focuses on language acquisition and development continue to increase in schools across the United States. As US Cities, both urban and suburban, become more diverse, the need for ESOL Teachers in public schools increase. ESOL Teachers are an essential part of growing diversity within schools. In many large cities, ESOL Teachers are greatly needed. In order to work as an ESOL Teacher within a public school, you must be certified. For teachers who are already certified, it may be as easy as taking the ESOL Praxis Exam but this varies by state. For those seeking to become a new ESOL Teacher, please see the requirements listed for your state. Please enjoy and share these videos. Other resources are available by clicking the links below.

Happy Teaching and Learning. #iTeachESOL #iTeachESL

ESOL Basics

Words Around the ESOL Room

Number Pronunciations from 1 – 10

Colors and Color Pronunciations

Months of the Year

Environmental Language for Beginning ESOL Students


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